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Kefalonia Travel Day Tour B contains Skala, Katelios, Argostoli, Agios Gerasimos, Ainos Mountain & Poros. Book Now

Starting Point Skala (* Different starting point by request )

Skala is the southernmost village of Kefalonia and is one of the busiest tourist resorts. What makes this village so famous, apart from the many hotels and restaurants with fresh fish, is the beautiful long beach, which is estimated to be more than 5km in length. The beach is a combination of thick sand and pebbles and blue waters providing a good place for visitor to do water sports or simply enjoy the sea view. The road used to reach Poros, an equally beautiful and picturesque place, is full of beaches with curious rock formations that create a most beautifully scenic drive.

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Katelios belongs to the municipality of Eliou Pronnon. Village near Katelios are Valeriano, Hionata and Mavrata. It is a beautiful village which can be found by the visitor on the route from Argostoli to Skala. It is traditionally a fishing village, and in the past it was from here that transport of both goods and people to Zakynthos and the Greek mainland used to leave.The beautiful Katelios beach is one of the main attractions for tourists. In recent years the region has been developed making it more appeling place for tourists and with the construction of the marina is hoping to attract a different kind of tourism.

Argostoli Argostoli has been the capital of the island since 1757. It is amphitheatrically built around the Koutavos lagoon and is a relatively young town being almost totally rebuilt from scratch after the earthquake in 1953. The town has many tourist attractions and sights for the visitors, including museums, monuments and natural geological phenomena to name a few.

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aghios Gerasimos monastery

The monastery of Agios Gerasimos is in the municipality of Omala and is the holiest place on Kefalonia. It is located 11km away from Argostoli, the capital of the island. Next to the monastery are built the old and the new churches of Agios Gerasimos. The new church was built after the major earthquake of 1953. In that church are kept and displayed in a silver sarcophagus the holy remains of Agios Gerasimos. The saint passed away on August 15 1579, but his name day is celebrated on August 16. In addition to that date he is also celbrated on October 20 as his grave was found on the October of 1851 and his body was kept untouched from normal death decay. In the old church lies on the floor the entrance to the cave that the saint used as a mean of solitude. It is incredible the fact that although the entrance of the cave is not quite big, all the visitors dispite their size can fit through and visit it.
Ainos Mountain: Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this majestic mountain. Mount Aenos is an exceptional natural preserve boasting a forest of the unique black firs of Kefalonia (abies cephalonica). Aenos became widely known as the Monte Negro of Greece due to the dark color of the trees that seemed black when seen from far away. This beautiful National Park hosts a great variety of flora species and a rich fauna including reptiles and birds, such as the hawk, the woodpecker and the blackbird. The most important mammal found here, but unfortunately is under extinction, is the famous Aenos wild horse, which belong to the Pindos breed and is small and very strong. Become a part of nature's magic.

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Poros is a picturesque village with 1,000 residents in the south-eastern part of the island. An impressive landscape is what makes Poros different to the rest of the island, entering the village through the gorge created by the rocks, you will find a beautiful village surrounded by endless bays and a beach with turquoise waters stretching to the north of the village. It is an ideal place for swimming or simply relaxing in the various taverns and restaurants around the village. The most important point about this region is that it is one of the main ports of Kefalonia connecting the island to the mainland, namely Kilini and also it has a marina for yachts.